Mitaria’s New Home

Mitaria's New Home

Meet Mitaria

Mitaria lives in a very impoverished community called Boyer, located just west of Mirebalais. 

She is one of KORE’s original broiler farmers, working hard to pay off her coop in full!

Mitaria is an extremely hard worker and her attention to detail and care for her birds consistently make her one of KORE’s top growers in the Central Plateau region.  

She also helps prepare boiled eggs every morning for the 60+ children at Grace So Amazing Ministries School.

Blain & Mitaria

This is me, Blain, Director of Agribusiness for KORE Foundation. During a routine visit back in October, I stopped in to visit Mitaria. It had been a challenging rainy season with oppressive heat and humidity had challenged many of our farmers in regards to production as well as personally. 

In Mitaria’s case, her home, as pictured below, was not handling the onslaught of rain.  In addition to the leaks, the water would rush through the house forcing her to sleep on a tarp in an attempt to stay dry.

Despite all of her hard work, Militaria had only managed part of the foundation for a new home. I spoke with Tom and Yvette, two of KORE’s Ambassadors, about Mitaria and the possibility of having a team help build her a new house.  

Tom & Yvette worked with two churches that had teams scheduled for an impact trip a few months away. Both Clayton Christian Church and Northridge Christian Church were on board. But things changed in October and I saw her situation as dyer. 

I returned home from my trip and could not get her off my mind.  I shared her story with my wife Julie and she took it from there. 

She began fundraising, starting with a bake sale, and with help from family, friends, and the fine folks at Atlantic Automotive in St. Augustine Beach, she quickly had ½ of the money needed before my next visit in November.  With help from Frantznel, KORE’s construction manager, and Christian, Director of Operations, they were able to get started right away on Mitaria’s new house. 

Julie and her community in St. Augustine, Florida, Clayton Christian Church & Northridge Christian Church were all eager to walk alongside and raise the money to help Militaria. 

The Giving Tree – Clayton Christian Church

I was able to watch over the progress of the building and she was so excited!  She was able to go from sleeping on a wet tarp, to a bed with a frame! 

Mitaria’s story is an example of how GREAT our God is! 

We only facilitated what He wanted us to do for a sister in Christ. 

No credit to any of us, all Glory to Him.

“It definitely wasn’t a handout, it was helping our own because she’s definitely a good business owner and gives back to her community which I love. It also gave money to the Haitians who did the construction.  It is always a ripple effect of love and compassion with KORE!” – Yvette Kinman

The only thing missing now in Mitaria’s new home is a sign that reads…

”Mwen menm avek fanmi mwen nap sevi Seye a.”  Joshua 24:15

But don’t worry – that is coming soon..

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