Thoughts About a Hatching Hope Missions Campaign


The biggest impact of many mission projects is how they affect you personally. The things you learn about another country and group of people can change you forever. This is our hope and prayer for congregations participating in Hatching Hope campaigns. 

Read what a few individuals had to say about the Hatching Hope campaigns in their churches: 

  • “Our family was fortunate to participate in the “Hatching Hope” program at our church. It was a beautiful way to introduce our children to missions, loving their neighbors, and showing compassion. Huge thanks to KORE for making this experience real for children, leaving them to crave more!” – Angie Waller
  • “The Hatching Hope campaign is a great way to get kids & adults involved in a mission project. Our kids loved filling their egg cartons & finding out how many orphans they could provide protein for the year. Adults & kids bought t-shirts we had designed for the event & wore them to church on the Sunday we presented egg cartons. Lots of fun for everyone!” – Kristy Pinkley
  • “As a member of our children’s missions team, I know it can be hard to implement missions that kids understand and that offers something they can actually do. This works! Hatching Hope makes our world a little smaller and our hearts a little bigger. I love that Haiti is a part of our conversation at home and at church.” – Kathryn Good
  • “If I could recommend one church-wide mission initiative that is simple, fun and truly impactful, it would be “Hatching Hope.” – Scott Rosen

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