Order Egg Cartons

Fill Cartons. Give Eggs.

Help us feed children in Haiti by turning spare change into eggs. Just 20 cents feeds a kid an egg. Here’s what you need to know and do:

Step 1: Order egg cartons by completing the form below. 

Step 2: Pick your campaign dates and let your organization know that something EGGciting is coming.

Step 3: Pass out egg cartons, and use our free promotional materials to get people excited. 

Step 4: When your campaign is over, collect the money from the egg cartons.

Step 5: Count your change and celebrate. You just did an eggcellent thing! Find out how many eggs you bought for hungry children by using the calculator below. 

Step 6: Feed children and help farmers in Haiti by sending a check in the amount of the money you collected to KORE.

Order Egg Cartons

Complete this form and we’ll be in touch with more information about getting you egg cartons for your campaign. Thank you! 

We Raised...


Want a custom graphic with your results to share? Email info@korefoundation.org, and we will create one and email it to you. 

To help you celebrate and share the number of eggs you’ve provided, here’s a downloadable poster. Just write in the number of eggs you provided and share with the world!