40,000 Eggs A Day!

40,000's Eggs a Day!

The end of summer brought a whirlwind of excitement as we received approval from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for partial funding for a major expanion of KORE’s Egg-A-Day project!  WKKF is providing 60% of funds needed to add 48 new egg farmers to feed an egg each day to 8,000 school kids in Haiti for the next 3 years! 

September 3rd was the first day of school in Haiti and our team was ready! 40,000 eggs (8,000 kids x 5 days) were distributed over the weekend to 32 rural schools for the first week of the Egg-A-Day program!



For these kids, many who come from homes where a daily meal is not guaranteed, the promise of a nutrient-rich egg each day makes a huge difference. It means getting to go to school instead of working to earn enough to buy food to eat that day. It means starting the day with protein and nutrients that will help them focus and learn in their classes. And, it means their bodies and brains will thrive from having balanced nutrients to fuel growth.

For KORE farmers, this project means a steady sales channel for their production and an income that they can count on. It means having the chance to build a proper home, send their kids to school, and invest in other income generating efforts. 

Schools will serve hard-boiled eggs promptly at 8:30 each morning to encourage students to arrive on-time. We expect to see improved attendance rates and overall better school performance! We can’t wait to share stories and results with you along this journey!

Please join us in praying for these kids to have their best year yet & consider buying a few eggs too! At just $0.15 each, $15/month will feed 5 kids an egg each day purchased from a KORE farmer! ????????

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